Citizen Eco-Drive Watch

model CB0160-51L

  • stainless steel band

  • blue dial

  • water resistance to 100 meters / 333 feet

  • sapphire crystal

  • automatically synchronizes the time and date using a radio signal from the Atomic Clock

"Atomic Timekeeping watches are synchronized to an atomic clock for superior accuracy. With a margin of error of just one second in 100,000 years, Citizen A·T watches receive radio signals from an atomic clock to set the time correctly. The current geographical areas in range of atomic clocks include Japan, China, North America and Europe."

  • solar-powered Eco-Drive ®

"In 1976, Citizen invented the world's first light-powered analog quartz watch that runs using only light as a power source. This technology, now known as Eco-Drive ®, can generate power from any light source -- artificial, natural, and even dim light -- to keep watches running without ever replacing batteries."

This watch was purchased new in December 2018, and never worn. While the outer box was bent a bit in shipping - see pictures below - the original clear protective adhesive is still on the watch.

MSRP is $495, but the street price is around $300-ish.

According to the manufacturer's web site at , this model is discontinued.

above : stock photo from manufacturer's web site . This shows the correct color.

The color in my photos below of the actual item for sale here turned out darker due to lighting.

"This review is also valid for the Citizen CB0166-54H, CB0160-51L, CB0160-00E seeing as they the same model with different color schemes and bands."

The "spots" on the watch face are actually air-bubbles under the clear protective adhesive

$499 at Amazon on 11/01/2020

$306 at Amazon on 05/28/2021

price history at Camel Camel Camel

Trendy Citizen CB0160-51L Men Watches Full Specs, Features, Honest in 360

MSRP is $495, but the actual street price is closer to $300.

Although if you want to give me $495 for this, I won't complain.