DSA RPD 7.62x39mm carbine


- RPD carbine

- 12 drums (hold 100-link belts. these drums are not magazines)

- 12 50-round belts (can be linked to form 100 round belts)

- original factory hard case (which is just a cheap Plano case with a DSA sticker slapped on it)

The part number on the factory hard case is RPDCARBINE , but it looks exactly the same as RPD175CARBINE-A currently listed on DSA's web site (see below), except that this one has a Magpul CTR stock, instead of whatever is pictured on the web site.

This is a fun toy -- notice the smile on my friend's face in the photo below (face partially obscured to protect his identity).

12 drums, and 12 50-round non-disintegrating links (2 of the links are in the drum on the left side, with ammo)

The drums do not have springs in them to feed ammo -- they merely hold the links.

MSRP is $2,850 -- see link below -- but the "street price" of the RPD carbine is about $2,500; a few hundred dollars more than the RPD rifle in original-style Soviet military configuration.

Drums are $40 each (DSA part # RPDDB-K), so the cost of 12 drums is $480.

DSA RPD semi auto Carbine Model.  17.5" Fluted barrell, 7.62x39mm Cal. Includes:Alloy quad rail

Item Number: RPD175CARBINE-A

Weight: 30.00

Price: $2,850.00

The R.P.D. was the first machine gun designed to fire the 7.62x39mm cartridge.

The R.P.D. platform has been issued by many countries including the Soviet Union, China, Egypt and former Eastern Bloc countries.

The R.P.D. was also used by the U.S. SOF in Vietnam.

DSA has modernized this battlefield benchmark with features such as a newly designed 7075T6 alloy lower and proprietary rail handguard.

With these new features you can outfit your R.P.D. system with any M16 style adjustable stock, giving the end user greater versatility.

The rail handguard allows the mounting of a variety of accessories, including optics, lasers, flashlights and foregrips.

Compared to the old wooden handguards, a foregrip added to the new DSA rail handguard is extremely helpful in heat dispersion and improving overall effective operation.

In addition, the DSA barrel is fluted and shortened.

This reduces weight and helps keep the barrel cool.

A very effective, proven design flashhider has also been added.

These features have reduced the R.P.D. weight by almost 2 pounds.