Arma Rifle SSR-85-2C AK-47 type rifle

7.62 x 39mm

new in box

built on Bulgarian receiver

with two Tapco magazines

New in Box. I got this as part of a trade for another rifle. It appears to be unfired. There is grease on the bolt face.

Bulgarian AK rifles prices and ratings at

My understanding is that the owner of Arma Rifle used to build AKs for Lancaster Arms, which is why the box says "Lancaster". Some versions of the story say they had a falling out, other versions say that Arma Rifle was a distributor for Lancaster. I have no idea. no longer works, so I'm not sure they're still in business.

Only contact info I can find is:

Arma Rifle

10150 Spring Creek Rd

Parker, CO 80138-8136

(303) 840-4450 ‎

but the number is a Verizon wireless number that is "disconnected or no longer in service."

If anybody knows the story behind these rifles, I would appreciate any information. Thanks.

Arma Rifle

Parker, CO

7.62 x 39MM


ISD Bulgaria LTD

Made in Bulgaria


pistol grip: CAGE CODE 3E2Q7

trigger: TAPCO USA G2

upper forearm: Tdi LHV-47-T

lower forearm: Tdi ARMS LHV-47

the other side of the lower forearm says: CAA MADE IN ISRAEL