CZ-83 .380 ACP

three 13-round magazines

  • two marked "mfg CZ"

  • one unmarked

100 rounds of ammo

  • 1/2 of which is steel cased ammo

no box, papers, or other accessories

Made in Czechoslovakia in 1991

  • Czechoslovakia split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia in 1993

  • so all CZ pistols after that say Made in Czech Republic

This pistol has a truly ambidextrous safety and truly ambidextrous magazine release


When shooting, sometimes pulling the trigger all of the way back will fail to release the hammer. I am not able to reliably reproduce the problem. This was a known issue with the CZ-82s - same gun in 9x18mm Makarov - that hit the market about a dozen years ago. I recall seeing a fix on the internet; and if I can find it I'll update this and post a link.

Since this has C.A.I. (Century Arms International) import markings, I'm assuming that this was a military or police surplus pistol somewhere, rather than a model produced for the commercial market. But I really don't know that; I'm just guessing.

Commercial CZ pistols were imported by Action Arms, Magnum Research, and CZ-USA.

It's also a bit "rougher" than my commercial CZ-75s and CZ-85s from that era.

Since this is a blowback operated pistol, the slide is heavy to pull.

So please please please do not be THAT GUY who's thinking something like ".380 is a small caliber, so this will be a good self-protection pistol for the wife and/or girlfriend". As much as I would like to take your money, somebody who is looking for a .380 for self-protection, rather than as a hobby, will be much better served by something like the Smith & Wesson 380 EZ.

I wasn't really planning on selling this. But since I still have not gotten around to taking this to a gunsmith to fix that trigger/hammer issue, I figured I'd put this up for sale in the hopes it would go to a better home.