DS Arms SA58 FAL Paratrooper

"The Right Arm of the Free World"

7.62 x 51 mm / .308 rifle

above: Winter is coming.

A DS Arms FAL is buried in the snow overnight until it had frozen, then fired without being thawed.

video by DSA Inc. at

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- 16 inch barrel

- factory folding stock

- type I upper receiver (no cut-out for a carry handle)

- 4 x 20-round magazine repair kits *

- 2 x 25-round magazine repair kits *

- quad-rail handguard (unknown 3rd party)

- Knights Armament Company forward pistol grip

- cheap Plano rifle case (something like this, not pictured here).

* If shipping to a free state , the magazines will be shipped assembled and ready to use. In an attempt to persuade Magpul to stay in Colorado , the Democrats in the state legislature amended their 2013 magazine restriction bill to allow manufacture of magazines for sale outside of Colorado.

So, according to Democrat logic, boxes-with-springs-inside-of-them are so dangerous that they should be banned inside of Colorado -- "for the children!" -- but it's OK to endanger the children in other states in order to collect more tax revenue.