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-R. Lee Ermey

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AR-15 Spikes Tactical

Silicon Valley Billionaires Are Preparing For The Apocalypse With Motorcycles, Guns, and Private Hideaways


.45 ACP compact pistol

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9mm carbine

"I don't know how on Earth they can draw a causal relationship.  I make no assertion that this bill will either increase or reduce violent crime.  That is not the premise of the bill."  Claire Levy

I am not a licensed firearms dealer, but simply selling (and trading) off my private collection as my gun-related needs and wants change.

As of July 01, 2013, all sales in Colorado have to be conducted through an FFL dealer. A background check will be required (except on firearms over 50 years old). This has nothing to do with reducing crime, but simply a means to inconvenience law-abiding gun owners, whom Colorado Democrats hate.

Remember when Colorado Democrats told a rape victim to fuck-off-and-die to her face,

because the victim wanted to carry a gun to protect herself?

Amanda Collins is rape victim who testified against gun-owner control and was told by Democrats that women are incapable of weighing the risks-vs-benefits of carrying a gun for self protection, and therefore should be denied the right to choose.

The State of Colorado is now charging $10.50 for background checks, in violation of the "compromise" agreement made in 2000 when state background checks were implemented. FFL dealers charge an additional fee - which varies by dealer - for private party transfers.

Unless otherwise agreed upon, the buyer is responsible for paying all background check and transfer fees.

In the event of a trade, each party is responsible for paying their own fees.



Inside the FBI Hunt for “Black Identity Extremists”. Vice. September 27, 2018

According to a leaked FBI assessment, “Black Identity Extremists” are a new group of domestic terrorists who pose a serious and violent threat to American law enforcement. The assessment is based on unsubstantiated grouping of unrelated police shootings and has drawn much public scrutiny for its apparent advocacy of racial profiling.

Rakem Balogun, an outspoken black activist in Dallas, is considered the first person to be targeted as a “Black Identity Extremist”. After being detained for nearly 6 months on weapons charges, VICE met up with Rakem on the day he was released from prison to learn more about the events leading to his arrest and real-world repercussions of the new “Black Identity Extremist” label.

Akil Gibbons (Vice) @ 12:55: So that's the AR-15. A pretty notorious weapon.

Rakem Balogun ("Activist", Guerrilla Mainframe): Yeah. Yeah, it has a lot of history to it.

Akil Gibbons (Vice) @ 13:10: So we're in Dallas, Texas, right now. Which is, of course, open carry. Why is that so important, as a part of your organization, Guerrilla Mainframe, to open carry?

Rakem Balogun (Guerrilla Mainframe): It's just really a tool to use against, to protest against, police brutality. And to gain attention of the masses. To promote this culture of self-defense.

Akil Gibbons (Vice) @ 13:30: Do you believe that these guns could provide any more autonomy for African-Americans to not be brutalized by police?

Robert Taylor (Guerrilla Mainframe): It's definitely a deterrent. An aggressor looks for victims. They're not looking for a fight. So if you're armed, you have a better chance than if you weren't armed. So that's why we want to tell everybody, everybody, to get armed. You have a right to defend yourself.

Akil Gibbons (Vice) @ 13:55: Do you believe that actually building relationships with police could benefit the community?

Rakem Balogun (Guerrilla Mainframe): No. Working with the police does very little.

FYI: "The terrorism charge against Balogun crumbled when the FBI admitted it had nothing more on him than a few overheated Facebook posts and advocacy of black gun ownership. After the death of five police officers in Dallas in July 2016, Balogun wrote on Facebook: “They deserve what they got. LMAO!” And he took part in a rally outside the Texas Capitol at which black men carried guns and some chanted, 'The only good pig is a pig that’s dead.'" - Vox. 05/19/2018


Most of us aren't allowed to keep and carry guns at work. As a private corporation, an H.O.A. is no more constrained by the Second Amendment than your employer is. There is no law that prohibits H.O.A.s from regulating guns. Nor there is any law prohibiting H.O.A.s from entering your home to search for covenant violations - which is often done under the guise of "safety" inspections.

"In Colorado, HOAs are governed under the Colorado Revised Statutes (CRS), Article 33.3, Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act. Arguably, more property rights are violated at this most local level of government than any other. When a homeowner's property rights are violated by their HOA, they have few options - other than to move." - Libertarian Party of Colorado, 01/21/2008

“Homeowners associations are prevalent and their actions impact property values, property rights, living environment, and personal rights of the residents; and many of the HOA’s have abused their power, disobeyed the law, and generally acted in ways harmful to their members.” - Larimer County Republican Party, 2006.

Nearly half of Colorado's population is governed by some type of H.O.A. corporation. If the gun-owner control lobby wants to circumvent the legislative process - and inevitable constitutional challenges in court - their billionaire-benefactors could fund an effort to amend the governing documents of H.O.A. corporations across the state to ban guns. Contrary to popular belief, changing H.O.A. rules does not always require consent of the homeowners - especially when well-funded H.O.A. managers and H.O.A. attorneys and H.O.A. lobbyists have a financial incentive to amend the rules in ways that allow them to profit even more from the homeowners.

"To raise revenue for goods and services, HOAs lack taxing authority but not the power to charge assessments, which makes their inability to tax more a legal distinction than a real constraint. HOAs’ enforcement powers for failure to pay assessments equal those of local governments and allow them to place liens or foreclose on property, a power that the courts have upheld repeatedly." - Homeowner Associations As Private Governments, 2011

As Ben Franklin warned us over two centuries ago, "Homeowners who give up their liberty in exchange for the false promises of protecting property values will receive neither liberty nor protected property values."