CZ Scorpion 9mm PDW

· Scorpion EVO3 S1 9mm PDW

· SB brace, folding

· 1 10-round magazine

· 5 30-round factory CZ magazines

· factory CZ sights

· Pakse Pathfinder pistol grip

· sling

· Rigid tool box

I bought this used. No original box or back plate included. I'm not even really looking to get rid of this, but just posting it here in case something catches my eye and I want to use this as trade bait. Or if somebody makes an offer I can't refuse.

above : the actual CZ Scorpion for sale here.

September 18, 2020. Somewhere in the Rocky Mountains

With the brace folded, the Scorpion fits inside a tool box, which is included.

The $100 bill in the picture is not included, but shown only for size comparison.

However, it can be included for an extra $200.

The toolbox is a Rigid 22" organizer, UPC 731161042454, available at Home Depot for $30

Foam inserts are available from Kaizen , I just never got around to doing that.

These are the 2nd generation magazines.

The Pakse grip solves the issue with the factory grip, of the right-side safety digging into the trigger finger.

So much as been written and said about the CZ Scorpion, especially with all of the after-market support (e.g., Magpul, HB Industries, etc.). I'll post some more links and videos below whenever I get around to it.

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