SIG SP-2022 9mm

  • SIG-Sauer SP2022 9mm ( catalog # E2022-9-B )
  • two factory 15-round magazines
  • 3 dot white sights (not night sights)
  • original factory hard case
  • instruction manual
  • extra set of grips

I haven't removed the grips that are installed on the pistol, but I'm guessing they are the small (1600002)

extra magazines are about $35 (at CDNN )

above : photo and shooting by Tamara Keel *, 07/16/2019

not the actual SP2022 for sale here

* Shooting Illustrated, Recoil

"The 2022 is currently probably the most problem-free platform that SIG has. I've heard no reports from it suffering the post 2005/2006 quality control slippages that the classic P-Series guns have." - JohnInWA, 01/25/2012

"I trust my 2022 more than I do my P229R or my M11A1." - JodyH, 11/02/2015

"Having had multiple P229s in various calibers and in both DA/SA and DAK configurations and a Sigpro, if I had to choose between the two today I'd likely select the 2022." - JohnInWA, 02/22/2016

"Thanks to production being locked in by a huge foreign contract, this [the SIG SP-2022] is probably the most thoroughly-debugged Sig in your local showcase right now." - Tamara Keel, (handguns editor for Shooting Illustrated) 01/07/2019

"From a practical standpoint, I've got more than a sneaking suspicion that it's pretty much the only contemporary SIG that is maintaining that previous SIG reputation....and I concurrently suspect that the ongoing French and possibly other organizational contracts (and what I presume is their baseline material and QC requirements) have had a positive, and continuous causal effect/impact on that... Currently the 2022 is the only SIG product that I feel totally comfortable in recommending." - JohnInWA, 08/27/2019

"Carry gun for 2020: A @grayguns modified @sigsauerinc #sp2022 #9mm in a @miltsparksholsters #summerspecial IWB holster." "The SP2022 gets the nod for the plastic DA/SA carry gun this year." - Tamara Keel, 04/26/2020

Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) uses a SIG Pro SP2022 compact pistol in Moscow when he is accosted by the Russian police in a pharmacy. Bourne is later seen carrying the SP2022 in New York, "Mexican-carried" in his waist.

Internet Movie Firearms Data Base (IMFDB), The Bourne Ultimatum