Heckler & Koch P30S V3 9mm

  • BE date code = made in 2014

  • Like most of my guns, I bought this used. So I can't tell you the total round count.

These are luminescent - not tritium - sights.

28-Nov-12 – 14:38 by ToddG

My love for the H&K P30 pistol is no secret. I still consider it the single best handgun on the market today and even though I’m enjoying the heck out of the 1911, there is no comparison in terms of reliability or ease of maintenance (not to mention that my box stock P30 was actually more accurate than my 1911).

read Todd Louis Green's 90,000+ round P30 endurance test at https://pistol-training.com/?s=P30

Obligatory John Wick with HK P30L picture.

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not included with this P30