CZ P07

above : The CZ P-07 -- the actual one for sale here -- Boulder Rifle Club. August 14, 2015.

The shooter's face has been blurred out to protect the innocent.

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- CZ P-07 9mm pistol - model # 91086

--- 2014 production, not the earlier "CZ-75 P-07 Duty" *

- 2 15-round magazines

- original factory hard case

- 3 interchangeable back straps (S, M, and L)

- safety-lever and de-cocking lever **

* CZ made some major updates to the P-07 beginning in 2014. The easiest way to tell is that the pre-2014 guns will have the word "DUTY" on the slide. Other changes include replacing the plastic sights and trigger with metal parts, beveling the edges, and the introduction of interchangeable back straps to customize the grip size. There was also an issue with the frame bulging that was fixed -- the frame bulge did not affect function, but it did not look good, either.

** CZ's "Omega trigger system" allows the user to change operation of the pistol to and from either a traditional CZ single-action-safety ("cocked and locked") or a double-action with de-cocker only (like the SIG P-series). The swap takes only a few minutes -- I've done it on this pistol.

above : Bud's Gun Shop item # 91638

This is my bedside gun, and has been since I got it over a year ago. I was planning on using it for CCW (replacing my Glock), but no longer carry a gun due to back problems. Why am I selling this? I just got an HK P30 in a trade, and am putting both up for sale. I'm going to keep the one that doesn't sell.

above : CZ P-07, two magazines, 3 interchangeable back straps ("small" is installed on the gun), de-cocker lever (installed), safety-lever

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above : factory test target. Circle = 3 15/16 inches diameter. I should have just said 4 inches.

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CZ P-07 Duty Polymer-Framed Combat/Tactical Pistol: 
The Best Pistol Nobody Knows About (Range Review/Shooting Test)

by Mike Pannone    July 05, 2013

. . . The P07 Duty I have has proven to be extremely reliable and durable. I have more than 7000 rounds through it and have yet to encounter any pistol-related malfunction. By “pistol-related” I mean a mechanical failure of a properly maintained pistol with quality ammunition and good magazines. Any unmaintained weapon will eventually fail, and magazines are always the most failure-prone part of a quality firearm. Recently, I shot 900 rounds of Wolf 9mm ammo that was given to me.

Over three sessions in 3 consecutive days without cleaning or lubricating the pistol (just to see how it would do), there were no issues, even though the guns internals were absolutely filled with un-burnt powder residue. The only stoppages were 2 failures to feed, where the round stopped on the feed ramp due to mud-like fouling. The "tap" of a "tap-rack" drill released the slide each time. As far as durability is concerned, in 7K rounds, all I have done is clean it on average every 500-700 rounds fired and put more ammunition in it. . . .

. . . I am convinced that for a personal protection firearm, the CZ P-07 Duty combat pistol is equal to anything out there and better than most. The reliability, durability, safety, shootability, accuracy, capacity and cost make it a win in every category for a self-defense/concealed carry pistol. The smooth double-action first shot is an inherent safety and is less likely to be inadvertently actuated under stress by a less experienced shooter. For an experienced shooter, it is a pleasant gun to carry and shoot, handles extremely well and is truly bomb-proof durable. At $496 MSRP (and readily available for less than that), it’s a steal.

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Mike Pannone is a former operational member of U.S. Marine Reconnaissance, Army Special Forces (Green Beret) and 1st SFOD-D (Delta) as well as a competition USPSA pistol shooter holding a Master class ranking in Limited, Limited-10 and Production divisions. . . After sustaining a severe blast injury Mike retired from 1st SFOD-D and worked as a Primary Firearms Instructor for the Federal Air Marshal Program. . .

CZ P07 one shot draws Mike Pannone June 28, 2013

Scunion Redux (with CZ P-07) Mike Pannone July 16, 2014

This video is a follow-up to "Scunion" (July 15, 2014) with the Beretta M9.

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01-06-14, 21:09 #2
MP01 [Mike Pannone]     Subject Matter Expert

Over 12,000 rounds and still haven't broken a single part and can hit an 8" plate at 50 if I do my part. I have another 5000 rds. through a P09 and it has performed flawlessly as well. They are both great guns! 

03-26-14, 17:52 #7
MP01     Subject Matter Expert

I have limited shooting experience with the [Heckler & Koch] P30 although first impressions were positive for me. The way you phrased it was like saying "if gravity isn't a concern would you jump from the 5th or 8th floor" . I have heard good things initially about the P30 from those that are HK-ophiles but cost is dramatically different and the P07 IMO sits in the hand better and shoots as good as anything and better than most pistols I've shot out there in the midsize class. I am working with a few different shops on a covert carry package of upgrades. More to follow. 

09-17-14, 15:50 #12
MP01     Subject Matter Expert

I have had 100% positive reliability with my Cz-75 and with over 15,000rds on one particular gun and no parts breakage I would say it is very durable. 
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09-17-14, 15:59 #2
MP01 [Mike Pannone]     Subject Matter Expert

I absolutely love the P-series guns (P07/09). They have performed flawlesly in 5 guns and over 35,000 rounds. I have over 18,000 rds on my first P07 and haven't had a single part of spring break. The most common on DA/SA guns to break is the trigger return spring and 18k later the original one is still alive and kicking. Easily as reliable as my most reliable polymer striker fired guns and less prone to light strikes with harder primers. You won't regret getting one!