SIG-Sauer P-245 .45 ACP compact pistol


original factory plastic case

"Made In Germany"

the newer SIG P220 Compact is made in U.S.A.

with two 6-round magazines

additional factory magazines are available from CDNN for around $30 (here)

X-Grip available from Top Gun Supply (here) "Converts Sig P220 8rd. magazines to fit the P245 and the P220 Compact pistol."

"SIG Arms P245 Compact Pistol". American Rifleman. National Rifle Association. May, 1999.

According to the dealer who sold this to me (whom I've known for over 25 years), this particular pistol was owned and carried as a backup gun by the Denver police officer, so it shows holster wear. This is not going to be mistaken for a like-new gun. I haven't gotten around to shooting this yet.

Sorry about the crappy pictures. I will get around to taking better ones when I get a chance, or get my new lighting rig set up.