Smith & Wesson M&P 15 Sport

AR-15 type rifle

This rifle lacks the forward assist and dust cover, which were later added to the MP-15 Sport II rifle.

It comes with a 10-round magazine, but accepts standard 20-round and 30-round magazines.

As with a lot of guns, I got this used, so I can't tell you the round count. Nor have I gotten around to shooting this yet.

above : stock closed

below : stock open

I have parts on order to replace the bullet button with a standard magazine release. But with the currently Corona virus supply-chain disruption, I don't know if/when those parts will arrive.

A bullet button is a device used to remove a magazine in a semiautomatic rifle, replacing the magazine release with a block which forces the user to remove the magazine by using a tool as opposed to his or her finger. This allows the rifle to comply with parts of California's firearms laws. The name came about in relation to a 1999 California law which said that a "bullet or ammunition cartridge is considered a tool."

The 2012 court case Haynie v Pleasanton validated that a bullet button is legal and rifles that have one installed are not considered assault weapons.

In 2016, California law was changed to prohibit the sales of firearms with bullet buttons.


staked gas key on the bolt carrier

The bolt itself is marked "MP", although I don't know if that's for

Magnetic Particle inspected, or just part of the M&P branding.

staked castle nut

#1: Smith & Wesson M&P-15 Sport

Smith & Wesson announced their M&P line of AR-15 rifles roughly six years ago catering to budget-minded shooters. Popular much? The Smith & Wesson M&P-15 Sport rifle review reigns supreme for TTAG traffic. In all that time we’ve never heard of a single dissatisfied customer. And we’ve heard from plenty who wouldn’t trade their gun for a pricier piece. The M&P-15 Sport is the dictionary definition of a “basic” rifle: good components, decent trigger, no forward assist. For newbie AR-15 owners or budget-minded buyers that’s really all you need.

MSRP: $709

- from "Top 3 Entry Level AR-15 Rifles"

The Truth About Guns. 02/23/2017



November 30, 2017

"In this much requested video, we take a Smith & Wesson M&P15 Sport to the breaking point."

To check out the rifle’s reliability, I ran the rifle for a week out at Gunsite Academy in Paulden, Arizona.

I spent the week putting rounds down range in arid, sandy, dusty conditions – begging the Smith & Wesson M&P15 Sport to show me that it needed a dust cover. I fired standing, kneeling, and from several variations of the prone position, including rollover-prone where the bolt of the rifle was less than two inches from the dust, rock, dirt, and grime the ejection process was kicking back up into the rifles action.

Did nastiness get in to the action? Ohh yeah it did. I made sure of that by peppering the rifle with a few small handfuls of Arizona high desert when the Smith and Wesson folks weren’t watching. By the end of the week I had one gritty feeling charging handle, one rough trigger, and one dirty as all-heck action. I was also holding a rifle that continued to function without a single hiccup.

- from "Gun Review: Smith & Wesson M&P15 Sport"

The Truth About Guns. 06/13/2011

Smith & Wesson M&P Sport II AR-15 Review: Great Budget Rifle Or Piece Of Junk? (HD)

Mrgunsngear Channel

January 30, 2017

"I've put right around 1,500 rounds through the Smith & Wesson M&P Sport II over the past few months. "

I got ahold of a Sport for T&E, with S&W understanding that I would be flogging the gun badly and reporting what I found. As noted in the Tac Wire article, I started out at a carbine course at my friend Buck Peddicord’s most excellent training facility at Defense Midwest. Since that time I have run the gun hard several more times, and currently have just under 1000 rounds through the gun.

I have run the Sport clean and dirty, including dumping sand, dirt and gravel directly onto the bolt through the ejection port. The bolt got very dirty and gritty even without me actively throwing crap onto it just due to shooting in hot, dry dusty conditions while training things like shooting from asymmetric prone.

The gun has functioned 100% so far, with Wolf 55 and 62gr FMJ and HP, Tula 55gr FMJ, Federal XM193 and XM855, Hornady custom 60gr 5.56 spec SP, Remington 55gr Core-Lokt SPs, and even some Silver Bear 55gr HPs that I had on hand that have oxidized cases and has choked every other AR I have tried it in.

I note that my test gun has the 1-9 twist barrel, and a melonite bore/chamber instead of a chromed bore. So far I don’t see this as an issue, and the melonite appears to give the chamber quite a bit of slickness to extract crappy or dirty ammo. I will note that the 1/9 twist is giving outstanding accuracy so far with M855 ammo.

- Chuck Haggard, "S&W M&P15 Sport review", 12/31/2014

read the whole thing at

Smith & Wesson M&P15 Sport


August 19, 2015

According to Smith & Wesson, in the comment section of hickok45's video:

The Barrel on the M&P15 Sport has a Maximum Corrosion Resistant Finish on the interior and exterior surfaces (Formally referenced as "Melonite"). Only the name of the process has changed, the process is the same as it always has been. Thanks S&W

Ferritic nitrocarburizing, also known by the proprietary names Tennifer/ Tenifer and Melonite, is a range of proprietary case hardening processes that diffuse nitrogen and carbon into ferrous metals at sub-critical temperatures during a salt bath. The processing temperature ranges from 525 °C (977 °F) to 625 °C (1,157 °F), but usually occurs at 565 °C (1,049 °F). At this temperature steels and other ferrous alloys are still in a ferritic phase, which is advantageous compared to other case hardening processes that occur in the austenitic phase. There are four main classes of ferritic nitrocarburizing: gaseous, salt bath, ion or plasma, and fluidized-bed.

The process is used to improve three main surface integrity aspects including scuffing resistance, fatigue properties, and corrosion resistance. It has the added advantage of inducing little shape distortion during the hardening process. This is because of the low processing temperature, which reduces thermal shocks and avoids phase transitions in steel.


Chrome-lined bores are actually coated and most companies are unable to do this uniformly. Nitriding does not add a coating, rather, it changes the surface properties by diffusing nitrogen and carbon into the metal surface to yield an extremely smooth, uniform and wear-resistant bore. Chrome-lined barrels still need outer surface protection, normally achieved by some manner of Parkerization. Since the hot liquids used in nitriding flow over all exposed surfaces in a bath, the entire barrel gets a very durable layer of protection against corrosion. A barrel that is to be chromed has to be drilled, rifled and chambered slightly oversize to account for the thickness of the chrome lining. Nitriding does not change any dimensions, so it can be applied to finished barrels.

- from "The Pros and Cons of Nitride Barrel Finishes"

N.R.A. Shooting Illustrated. 12/30/2017

see also "Nitrided Treated Barrels?" at

S&W M&P15 Sport review by Nutnfancy

nutnfancy published on Apr 30, 2012

The S&W Sport AR-15 is the best value AR I've seen yet. It's performance seems to exceed it's 2012 $650 price. This specimen was ran with both the BUIS (included MagPul MBUS rear sight) and an EOTECH XPS2-2 sights. It achieves impressive accuracy even with these zero magnification options: sub-inch groups with Wolf STEEL FMJ ammo, about 1.5 inches with higher quality ammo at 100 yds. The gun seems to be a 1 MOA capable shooter with some loads. Practical accuracy in RunNGun was excellent as well (shown).

Part of this equation may be Thompson Center 5R rifling of the 4140 barrel featuring more gradual rifling lands to minimize jacket deformation and fouling. Tenifer-like Melonite transforms the barrel's interior and exterior metal surface through a carburizing process. It is more uniform than chrome lining and could offer similar durability. Reliability in cold conditions was 100% in the direct gas impingement Sport with both steel and brass loads shot.

Ergonomics are good to excellent with the outfitting of its 6 pos. collapsible stock, A2 grip, MBUS rear, small diameter non-heat shield lined forearm, and a decent 5.5 lb trigger. Some surprisingly high quality features are found: staking of gas key, M4 feed ramps, bayonet lug, T-mark Pic rail, 7075 T6 FORGED lower, F-marked FSB that is roll pinned, and a mil-spec buffer tube.

To save money (and unneeded weight), the S&W Sport lacks a dustcover and forward assist. We did not miss them. Weight is outstanding at just 6.5 lbs, 7 lbs 2 oz as shown. As configured you will a compact and light tactical carbine that integrates readily into many POUs. Value is mind blowing at last years $600 price level but prices are climbing. For the money-strapped this is my top choice for tactical carbine.

The S&W M&P15 Sport might be remembered as the gun that challenged the pricing structure of the entire industry. I've seen no others deliver its performance and quality at this price point./////////////////////////////Nutnfancy Likability Scale: 10 out of 10