Bravo Company Manufacturing


I got this in a trade at the end of 2015. Here is the description by the previous owner:

Complete BCM 14.5" (16" over all) midlength rifle. Here is was it comes with.

· 9" Midwest industry free float hand guard.

· BCM charging handle and BCG.

· Troy folding rear sight. [ note : about $120 from BCM ]

· BCM 1.5" comp that is pinned and welded.

· BCM lower with lower parts kit.

· Magpul K+ grip "F.D.E"

· Magpul ASP single point sling mount.

· Magpul MOE stock with large recoil pad.

I painted this rifle in a desert configuration using 5 colors and fabric I found at a fabric store to give it a dry and depth look. I've had lots of compliments on it. I also put a BCM decal on the stock.

I have roughly 200 rounds through it. The only reason I'm selling this is because I have been using a different AR more.

I've put another 200 to 300 rounds through it. Since then, I've built some other BCM and BCM/DD rifles. I'm not really looking to get rid this. But now that I have a few more rifles than I have the time to shoot, I'm not going to cry about letting this one go for the right offer or trade.

Larry Vickers, ex-Delta Force and host of TacTV, on the BCM Gunfighter Compensator.

Bravo Company Carbine Goes 31,165 Rounds

We have run a number of Bravo Company guns over the past five years. While most were unremarkable in their boring reliability, one has stood out, both for the longevity of the evaluation period as well as the number of rounds put downrange.

As of this writing, EAG students have 31,165 rounds downrange through Filthy 14. During this evaluation period, it was cleaned once (as in one time), at 26,245 rounds. The end result is that Rack #14 was—and remains—filthy. It is filthy because it has been shot at class. Only at class. Every round that has gone down that barrel has been fired at class, with an average of approximately 1,300 rounds every three days. It has been lubed generously with Slip 2000 Extreme Weapons Lube (EWL).

The combination of carbon and lube create (wait for it)…filth. It is so dirty that, while sitting in the rifle rack, it is almost a biohazard. The filth oozes out and contaminates other carbines adjacent to it.

But it is still shooting—and shooting well.

As of June 2017 -- 7 years after the above article was published -- "filthy 14 now has 67,500 rds with NO cleaning".

That was 3 years ago. Who knows what it's up to now. Below is another BCM endurance test . . .

July 14, 2014

"I sit down with Aaron (cameraman) to discuss BCM (aka Bravo Company) AR15 rifles.

BCM makes some of the best AR's on the market and we talk about why.

I also show you the new Meprolight TRU-DOT red dot sight."

April 12, 2019

How many rounds without cleaning or lubrication before a DI AR15 fails?

April 26, 2019

We continue our testing of our BCM AR15 to see how many rounds a direct gas impingement AR15

can fire without any cleaning or lubricant before it becomes unreliable or breaks a part.

We've introduced some new tests into our testing based on viewer feedback!

June 15, 2019

This time we run 2000 rounds through the BCM AR15.

No cleaning. No oil. Nothing but mounds of Federal American Eagle .223 ammo and lots of trigger pulling.

We are now using PMAG, Lancer and Okay magazines. How does the Bravo Company Ar15 handle the torture testing? Watch and find out.

August 12, 2019

We take the BCM back out to the range and get a total of 5010 rounds through it and then perform an accuracy test.

We are not doing any maintenance to the rifle, no oil, no wipe down, nothing.

We're loading and shooting copious amounts of Federal .223 American Eagle.

January 03, 2020

For nearly a year we've been shooting our BCM rifle without oiling it, cleaning it or otherwise doing any preventative maintenance to it.

Can this BCM without any cleaning after 5000 rounds make it to just over 6000 rounds in our continued testing?

February 10, 2020

We take the BCM out for another 1000 rounds with no lubrication or cleaning since we started the test over 6000 rounds ago.