Czechpoint / Czech Small Arms vz-58 Pistol 556

5.56 x 45 mm pistol

· new in box , never fired

· with two 30-round magazines

· Czech Small Arms (CSA) AR-15 magazine well adapter included ($85 accessory from the factory)

MSRP: $1,065

Manufactured by Czech Small Arms, imported by Czechpoint USA.

Accessories are also available from and Zahal Israeli Tactical Gear.

the actual vz.58 Pistol 556 for sale here, in original box, with magazines, sling, cleaning kit.

The mag well adapter, which is included, is not shown in this picture. Scroll down for more photos.

As seen in Strike Back, except that the ones in Strike Back had folding stocks.

Section 20 doesn't play by NFA rules.

Sgt. Damien Scott (Sullivan Stapleton) uses a SA vz. 58 Compact without any accessories during the heist in S04E02

Sgt. Michael Stonebridge (Philip Winchester) uses a SA vz. 58 Compact without any accessories during the heist in S04E02.

Sgt. Julia Richmond (Michelle Lukes) holding a SA vz. 58 Compact with the stock folded during the heist in S04E02.

CSA press release (Strike Back Cinemax Season 3 in the USA is Series 4 in the UK.

Strike Back UK Series 1 was later released in the United States as Strike Back: Origins):

01/15/2014 | Strike Back Season 3

Strike Back Season 3 returns to Cinemax and had premiered Friday, August 9th in the United States. The 10 episode series ended on October 18th, but will continue to be replayed off and on until Season 4 returns in 2014. Strike Back is a favorite among the CzechPoint staff and we are very excited to see the Czech Small Arms vz.58 Compact rifles being used by the main characters in the show. Just to confirm, CzechPoint does not sell these vz.58 Compact rifles. For Season 3 information and the new trailer, please click on the following link: STRIKE BACK

Dan Brown assisted in making these rifles available for the show and could not have achieved this without the coordinated efforts of Czech Small Arms and Hire Arms. HIRE ARMS is a movie weapons specialist, with over 25 years of experience, and is located in Johannesburg, South Africa.

In addition to the Los Angeles billboard photo, the second photo shows actors Sullivan Stapleton and Philip Winchester with vz.58 Compact rifles outfitted with optics and sound suppressors. The rifles used in the show are in 5.56x45mm caliber and utilize magwell adapters to function with USGI M16 magazines.

If you haven't seen Strike Back, you'll want to check it out!

Sgt. Michael Stonebridge (Philip Winchester) carries a customized CSA SA vz. 58 Compact in S04E01. It has been fitted with a magazine well to allow it to feed from standard AR-15 magazine and has a flashlight clamped under the front sight block, a suppressor, and an Aimpoint red dot sight attached via a side mounted MIL-STD-1913 rail.

Scott uses a SA vz. 58 Compact with a suppressor and Aimpoint sight in S04E03.

Stonebridge firing his SA vz. 58 Compact during the car chase in S04E03

Scott firing his SA vz. 58 Compact on the move as he shields Ester in S04E04.

Note that his rifle is in mid cycle in this shot showing the distinctive open topped receiver

below: stock image from the manufacturer's product page

Please see the manufacturer's product page for a complete description, specifications, and downloadable manual.

The rear sling swivel screw has been spot welded from inside the receiver (weld on sling swivel screw can be removed with rotary tool). For those that receive an approved BATFE Form 1 SBR (short barreled rifle) for their vz.58, the sling swivel screw can be removed (receiver sling plate is held to the receiver by sling swivel screw). Once the sling swivel screw and receiver sling plate is removed, any vz.58 stock can be readily attached to the vz.58 receiver. This is a great 'do-it-yourself' Form 1 SBR. SBR Warning: a stock can only be legally attached to this pistol after a Form 1 has been approved by BATFE. Attaching a stock to the vz.58 pistol, without an approved Form 1, is a federal felony and conviction could result in 10 years imprisonment and a $250,000 fine.

Back to pictures of the actual VZ58-556P for sale here, which are not as exciting as the photos from Strike Back.

I'll try to take some better pictures when I get a chance.

the VZ-58 mag well adapter, to use US GI AR-15/M-16 magazines

see the photos from Strike Back, above

stock photo from the manufacturer's product page

The Czech Small Arms mag well adapter is made of polymer (Zytel 80g25h) and includes all parts to use mil-spec aluminum USGI M16/AR-15 magazines in vz.58 5.56x45mm rifles and vz.58 5.56x45mm pistols (all parts included with the adapter are shown in the photo above). The mag well adapter will not fit or function in 7.62x39 vz.58 rifles or pistols. The mag well adapter bolt catch locks the bolt to the rear on an empty USGI magazine.

The Czech Small Arms mag well adapter was designed specifically for aluminum mil-spec USGI M16/AR-15 5.56x45mm magazines. During research and development of the mag well adapter, CSA confirmed that different brands of M16/AR-15 magazines can vary considerably in size and in construction. Due to the limited space within the vz.58 magazine well, CSA could not design the adapter to function with all M16/AR-15 magazines found on the market. It is this reason that CSA designed the adapter to function reliably with aluminum mil-spec USGI magazines. 

below: video by Czechpoint USA "Czech Small Arms at the range with vz.58 and vz.61"

It's an entertaining video, but you might want to turn the volume down, since the music is too loud