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"I'm sticking with the Thompson. American made, by union men. Hoo-rah!"

-R. Lee Ermey

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See bottom of this page for terms and conditions of private-party transfers in Colorado.

Contact bc @ bcgun . com for details about shipping out-of-state.

above : not John Wick

9mm carbine


Spikes Tactical

Silicon Valley Billionaires Are Preparing For The Apocalypse With Motorcycles, Guns, and Private Hideaways


Atomic Timekeeping


.45 ACP compact pistol

"I don't know how on Earth they can draw a causal relationship.  I make no assertion that this bill will either increase or reduce violent crime.  That is not the premise of the bill."  Claire Levy



I am not a licensed firearms dealer, but simply selling (and trading) off my private collection as my gun-related needs and wants change.

Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) opens fire with his P229

while defending the White House in Olympus Has Fallen.

SIG Sauer


As of July 01, 2013, all sales in Colorado have to be conducted through an FFL dealer. A background check will be required (except on firearms over 50 years old). This has nothing to do with reducing crime, but simply a means to inconvenience law-abiding gun owners, whom Colorado Democrats hate.

My preferred FFL dealer is "Guns For Everyone", near I-70 and Kipling in Wheat Ridge. They are open 7 days a week.

But I can certainly work with you if you have another FFL dealer that you prefer.

Remember when Colorado Democrats told a rape victim to fuck-off-and-die to her face,

because the victim wanted to carry a gun to protect herself?

Amanda Collins is rape victim who testified against gun-owner control and was told by Democrats that women are incapable of weighing the risks-vs-benefits of carrying a gun for self protection, and therefore should be denied the right to choose.

The State of Colorado is now charging $10.50 for background checks, in violation of the "compromise" agreement made in 2000 when state background checks were implemented. FFL dealers charge an additional fee - which varies by dealer - for private party transfers.

Yesterday's "compromise" is today's "loophole". Today's "compromise" is tomorrow's "loophole".

Unless otherwise agreed upon, the buyer is responsible for paying all background check and transfer fees.

In the event of a trade, each party is responsible for paying their own fees, unless other arrangements have been made.